What do tls teach?

28 May

1. Poster What do tl’s teach?
2. 3M into competition with Overdrive
3. The 7 (new) Pillars of Information Literacy
4. skype nutrition, healthy eating
5. HOW TO: Talk to Children About Online Safety –
6. Creating Digital Research “Papers” in Wikispaces with Mulitgenre Elements:
7. Mesh Conference on Influence:
8. Anatomy Arcade – Basic human anatomy through games and videos –
9. Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) illustrating how teachers can use technology to enhance learning for students
10. 5 Surprising Perspectives About Online Schools
11. looking for a teen book club book? Here’s our favorite picks (93 in all!)
12. The iPad Is Affecting Consumer PC Sales (Business Insider)


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2 responses to “What do tls teach?

  1. sue danieli

    May 28, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    How do we get a large printable copy of this great poster? Joyce Valenza


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