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27 May

1. … the video explosion
2. gaming and
3. Transforming Your Library with a Personalized Literacy Environment
4. Indigenous experience and war and;jsessionid=38DE45A72846B8F719C659E8102F3B5A
7. games and
8. wiki rubric
9. McKinsey report: Internet matters: The Net’s impact on growth, jobs & prosperity
10. Student Rachel looks at the advantages of e-books (A Net Gen Ed Project – part of the Flat Classroom Project)
11. Harry Potter, Henry Jenkins, and the Power of Social Media | MindShift:
12. wikipedia
13. New YouTube Statistics: 48 Hours of Video Uploaded Per Minute; 3 Billion Views Per Day
14. Movie Segments for Warm-ups and Follow-ups: Alive: Adversity capitalism
15. Evolution of storytelling and
16. Things to consider when searching on the internet !
17. best 100 opening lines from books
18. My Research page:
19. journals openly accessible online:
20. Why Are So Many Students Still Failing Online? – Do Your Job Better – The Chronicle of Higher Education
21. mindfulness
22. twitter 102 for educators is a video is a simple guide to twiitter
23. Reading Comprehension: Identifying Confusion:
24. SLANZA’s Collected magazine issue #3 out today , focus on eBooks and eReaders –
25. Cyberkidz is great for skill building/practice. Games for math, literacy, geography, creativity, science

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