Blog tips

Embed slideshare

Embed issuu

Automatic posting from diigo to

Email Subscriptions to site
Check who is signed up by going to blog My Blogs, Site Stats – then click on subscriptions found bottom left

Add google custom search to blog

Make it snow – Fun!

Keeping a blog post on the front page

Saving PowerPoint with notes
Slideshare seems to save only slide headings etc. So used PowerPoint 2007 Publish (from Office Button) then Create handout in word to create word doc. Then saved as pdf, and uploaded to scribd. Only part of slide appeared using word. Just found out scribd uploads ppt, not sure if it publishes notes

Post a video

Generating Sitemap Not sure if this si right, but just entered to google webmaster after logging in seemed to work.

AHS Library images on vodpod come from

Inserting PowerPoint 2007 with animations into blog

LibraryThing Sidebar
Thanks to chrisgann for helping get this far It is a bit wide, and no images.
Click below to see exactly what I pasted into the text box widget that I had placed in the sidebar to produce the result below.

Lbrarything widget code

The num=8 means 8 books will be shown, so you can vary this, and size =8 means font size which you can also vary. I tried several options from google searches – the problem is wordpress does not accept java script for security reasons, and this is the only one I could get to work and it was easy.

posting image 25/1/2010
to post imagechef to blog, had to save it as a pic file, then upload to flickr to get their embed code. The imagechef embed code would not work.

Netvibes image in sidebar
Print netvibes screen site, copy to Paint.Net, use select tool then save as JPG, reduce in VSO, upload to photobucket, pick share oprtion in photobucket,copy “Direct link for layout pages”, go to blog widgets,pick images, put in title, paste code, put in site link URL, 180 by 180 size

Add vodpod widget to sidebar
Sign up to vodpod. Make sure you get the bookmarklet/button for your toolbar to add videos to vodpod easily. In vodpod, click your name – top right, then in the right hand menu click A box will appear on the left with the code you need to copy.

Go to your blog dashboard and widgets and add the widget to the sidebar. Copy the code.

To organise your video collection in vodpod, go to video organiser, click the video, click batch edit and copy to new collection location, then delete the video out of the old collection location (there may be an easier way of doing this).


2 responses to “Blog tips

  1. Judy Polhemus

    December 16, 2010 at 5:03 am

    Your blog is amazing. Your resources are amazing. I am in awe. Just wanted you to know.

  2. cabraseniorlibrary

    June 3, 2014 at 11:39 am

    Hi Anne, great blog, very jealous of your fabulous new library space. Check out our blog too.


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