29 May

Using games in Library programs
• Google search game .
• Plagiarism – “You quote it, you note it”
• Dewey Decimal skills
• Gaming in Libraries
• Library gaming toolkit
• Games for a disaster night at the library
• Gaming in Libraries Report UK
• Public libraries by design – creating teen-friendly spaces with a gaming area
• Surviving the zombie apocalypse…and other useful lessons…_and.csp

Using popular games in education
• Judith Way wrote in the previous issue of Access about using Guitar Hero and some other commercial games to promote learning. Also see: .
• Teaching with Nintendo DS
• Angry Birds used to teach physics and in primary school to teach math, history and science
• What video games can teach us about the educational process
• How to teach with Mine craft in an hour
• Achievement Unlocked: Gaming, Living, and Learning

Further reading:
• Game based learning – what it is, why it works, and where it’s going–what-it-is-why-it-works-and-where-its-going.html
• Assessment in games based learning
• Gaming Consoles in Education,0
• Gaming in education
• Creating game-like engagement for learning
• Games in education
• Reflections on Play, Pedagogy, and World of Warcraft
• Social network games
• Gaming can make a better world
. Gates Foundation

More tools for making games
• Easy to make games
• Hot potato language games making flashcards
• 7 ways to make your own games,0
. Games in moodle and

More Free Educational Game Sites
• 10 Word Games to build student’s word skills collected in a Jog the Web .
• Academy skill builders
• Anatomy
• BBC climate challenge
• Children’s Rights
• CSI Web adventures
• Defence 2020
• Educational games about parliament
• Electrocity
• Environment and ecology
• Fractions
• Game Library
• Games for geography
• Games relating to subjects
• Geo games
• Grades 1-5
. edheads science, math, and critical thinking.
• Grammar and Punctuation and and and Semi colons and colons
• Imagine games
• Lottery of life see how life might have been if born in another country
• Music
• My sustainable house
• Save the planet
• Simulations for global learning
• Stop disasters
• Typing games

SLAQ May 2011 PowerPoint Presentation

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