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Future Libraries Conference, Brisbane, October 25th, 2019

The annual Future Libraries Conference is on Friday, October 25th in Brisbane. Please see more information and book at

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CSU Visit 2019

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Budget Self-Checkout Machine

We are trialing Self-Checkout to see if students like it. Self-Checkout is a module that comes with our Oliver subscription. So we are using this with our library barcodes for Self-Checkout. We do not have RFID.

We set this up with 2 back-to-back screens, as in the images, so that library staff can check what students are doing. It is run off a Nuc. It is for borrowing only. And students need their ID card to use it.

We do not have security gates, but do have security cameras.

So, this is a low cost Self-Checkout system, and so far has been successful.

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Improving Access to Databases via Catalogue Home Page

By placing databases on the catalogue home page, access to these digital resources is facilitated. (Our catalogue can only be accessed behind a password protected school intranet). Now, most of our databases require no login or password once logged into the school intranet and the user experience is the same at home and at school.

However, if pass-through was not available from database vendors, then logins and passwords are provided on the library catalogue home page. (These logins and passwords have been blanked out below in the images)

This removes one of the biggest barriers mentioned by staff and students – needing to locate passwords and logins, and having to go to multiple locations to access databases. Feedback has been that this is a great improvement.

Another improvement is the grouping of databases – Explora allows 4 databases to be searched at once.

In some cases, there is direct pass-through, such as for ebooks and audiobooks, when searching within the catalogue, but login and password details may be needed if wanting to search within particular ebook collections separately – so logins and password details are provided on the home page).

Another advantage is that this use of the library home page reinforces the library catalogue as the central place for research.

These images below show the catalogue home page, as users scroll down.




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Better access to digital resources

Digital resources are now easier to access via our Oliver catalogue Home Page. This solution utilizes Single Sign On for most databases, so there is no requirement to use a login and password to search the databases. Clicking on the database box, takes staff and students directly to the database search page. Where pass through was not available for some databases, logins and passwords have been provided on the home page. The Library catalogue is only accessible after signing into the school intranet.

(Login and passwords have been covered with blue boxes)(This is editor view, so looks cleaner for staff and students with no editing tools)



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360 videos with phone & Google Street View

Instructions with pics

1. Open the Google Street View app .
2. Tap Create +.
3. In the bottom right, tap Camera .
4. Take a series of photos, with the circle matching the yellow dot each time. Elbows in. Look up and down to find dot.
5. At the bottom, tap Done when the tick at the bottom goes green. Make sure to look up and down to get enough images.
6. Your 360 photo is stitched together and saved in the “Private” tab on your phone. The photo is also saved on your phone (unless you turned this setting off).

• Save to Album to your phone or RoundMe app or or
• Can make public or private
• Can blur faces within app but only in the Private tab

Publish 360

• More instructions
• Bit older instructions
Reflector app is good for teaching: shows what is on phone or PC – not free

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Evidence based practise: Mix

Tools like Office Mix are useful for teachers and teacher-librarians as they allow student self-paced learning, quizzes can be included, and it provides analytics about student use. Screenshots are shown below of slides in an example of Mix used for information skills revision. The boxes with a blue box and checkmarks contain quiz questions in the actual Mix. Office Mix enhances Powerpoint, so also has the advantage of being a familiar tool for many people.

Analytics and statistics


More at: and

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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