SHYWG 2016 Immersive Writing Workshop

The posts from previous years can be found on this blog. Some resources from previous years, including videos, can be found at:

2016 Event Video

2016 Heroes



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Picking Slip in Oliver

Example of a picking slip that can be generated for each student for textbook hire from Softlink Oliver via a customized report.

Pick slip no ID

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2015 Quiz and Trivia


Politics and Business


Entertainment and Culture


Technology, Science and Nature

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Favourite YA Books 2015

Favourite YA books 2015

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2015 Library Report

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Scratch Christmas Card/Game Activities

Activity: make holiday card containing conversation using broadcast. E.g.tree decorations missing, so need to fix.Can add decorations using editor.

Scratch Christmas cards

Scratch Christmas games

Stories Scratch


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Summer Reading Promotion: most popular books 2015


Popular books in order of most borrowed. (Most loans at top)

  • Life on the refrigerator door               Kuipers, Alice
  • City of bones             Clare, Cassandra
  • The fault in our stars               Green, John
  • Uglies            Westerfeld, Scott
  • The boy in the striped pyjamas : a fable         Boyne, John
  • The recruit  Muchamore, Robert
  • Delirium       Oliver, Lauren
  • Insurgent    Roth, Veronica
  • Divergent    Roth, Veronica
  • The help      Stockett, Kathryn
  • Class A          Muchamore, Robert
  • The maze runner     Dashner, James
  • Once             Gleitzman, Morris
  • Tomorrow, when the war began      Marsden, John
  • White cat     Black, Holly
  • City of ashes              Clare, Cassandra
  • Now              Gleitzman, Morris
  • Red queen  Aveyard, Victoria
  • Reboot         Tintera, Amy
  • Twilight        Meyer, Stephenie
  • Chinese Cinderella: the secret story of an unwanted daughter           Mah, Adeline Yen
  • City of lost souls       Clare, Cassandra
  • The dead of the night            Marsden, John
  • Maximum security  Muchamore, Robert
  • An abundance of Katherines              Green, John
  • The book of lies        Moloney, James
  • Catching fire               Collins, Suzanne
  • Cinder           Meyer, Marissa
  • City of fallen angels Clare, Cassandra
  • Daughter of smoke and bone             Taylor, Laini
  • The hunger games  Collins, Suzanne
  • Keeper of the lost cities        Messenger, Shannon
  • Matched      Condie, Ally
  • The scorch trials        Dashner, James
  • Slated           Terry, Teri
  • City of glass Clare, Cassandra
  • The declaration         Malley, Gemma
  • Girl online   Sugg, Zoe
  • I am number four    Lore, Pittacus
  • I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you     Carter, Ally
  • The killing    Muchamore, Robert
  • Rebel            Tintera, Amy
  • Saving Francesca      Marchetta, Melina
  • To kill a mockingbird               Lee, Harper
  • Between the lives   Shirvington, Jessica
  • The Iron King: The Iron Fey  Kagawa, Julie
  • Mockingjay Collins, Suzanne
  • Pandemonium          Oliver, Lauren
  • Pretties        Westerfeld, Scott
  • The year Nick McGowan came to stay            Sparrow, Rebecca
  • Allegiant      Roth, Veronica
  • Clockwork princess Clare, Cassandra
  • Dear John    Sparks, Nicholas
  • Divergent    Roth, Veronica
  • Don’t look back         Armentrout, Jennifer L
  • The house of Hades                Riordan, Rick
  • The Jewel    Ewing, Amy
  • The knife of never letting go               Ness, Patrick
  • The long walk            King, Stephen
  • Parvana  Ellis, Deborah
  • Requiem      Oliver, Lauren
  • Silence          Fitzpatrick, Becca
  • The winner’s curse  Rutkoski, Marie
  • Clockwork angel       Clare, Cassandra
  • Cross my heart and hope to spy        Carter, Ally
  • Crossed        Condie, Ally
  • The death cure         Dashner, James
  • Enclave         Aguirre, Ann
  • Evernight     Gray, Claudia
  • Exile               Messenger, Shannon
  • The fall         Muchamore, Robert
  • Girl underground     Gleitzman, Morris
  • Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets      Rowling, J.K.
  • Heir of fire  Maas, Sarah J
  • Hunger         Grant, Michael
  • Mad dogs    Muchamore, Robert
  • The night circus : a novel       Morgenstern, Erin
  • Obernewtyn              Carmody, Isobelle
  • Partials         Wells, Dan
  • Percy Jackson and the lightning thief              Riordan, Rick
  • The raven boys         Stiefvater, Maggie
  • A rose for the ANZAC boys  French, Jackie
  • The son of Neptune               Riordan, Rick
  • Switched     Hocking, Amanda
  • Then              Gleitzman, Morris
  • Unwind        Shusterman, Neal
  • Where she went      Forman, Gayle
  • Wings            Pike, Aprilynne
  • The 5th wave             Yancey, Rick
  • After             Gleitzman, Morris
  • The age of miracles Walker, Karen Thompson
  • All the bright places Niven, Jennifer
  • Are you seeing me?                Groth, Darren
  • Arrival           Morphew, Chris
  • The ask and the answer        Ness, Patrick
  • A darker shade of magic       Schwab, Victoria
  • Dash & Lily’s book of dares  Cohn, Rachel; Levithan, David
  • Don’t judge a girl by her cover            Carter, Ally
  • The elite      Cass, Kiera
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Quidditch 2015

The tradition continues…While Harry Potter Day has now morphed into Fandom Day, the lunchtime Quidditch match held each year since 2009 was staged on the Terrace once again .Some new advances this year were a referee, and this year it was students versus students instead of students versus staff. Lots of money raised for charity again this year.Photos have been deliberately resized to be blurry. Images show game in progress and catching of the Snitch.

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State Library of QLD is now offering for free for Queenslanders:

Users do require a library number. However, this can be obtained online almost instantly by completing the e form at  Library cards are no longer used.

It is good for all teachers to have an SLQ login as it provides access to a vast array of online ebooks and databases, as well as other learning resources, workshops and events.

Sign up for SLQ newsletter at

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QSITE Conference 2015 in Storify form from Twitter

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