Library Diversity and Inclusion Resources

27 Apr

Webinars on Diversity and Inclusion

Kelsey Bogan Resources on Diversity and Inclusion  @kelseybogan (twitter)


Other Kelsey Bogan resources

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Other Resources

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Possible Ideas for Library collection management policy

The Governing Bodies …   ‘s Policy affirms “the right for students of all social, cultural, community and family backgrounds, and of all identities, and all abilities to receive high quality education” The Inclusive Education Policy “[embraces], and [makes] visible, diversity as a strength and [supports] respectful relationships within the school community and between students”. ….is committed to creating an inclusive culture of engaging learning that improves wellbeing and achievement, values diversity and responds to student needs and interests, guided by the Student Learning and Wellbeing Framework, Inclusive Education Policy, Every Student Succeeding State Schools Strategy and the Disability Standards for Education, etc.

The … Library supports the implementation of …policies by ensuring students have access to a range of resources that value and are representative of the diverse nature of our school community. This includes resources that contain themes or representations relating to:

  • mental health issues,
  • LGBTIQ+ communities,
  • refugees and culturally/linguistically diverse communities,
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,
  • people with disabilities,
  • the D/deaf and Hard of Hearing,
  • out-of-home care/foster care,
  • Gifted and Talented,
  • rural and remote communities and concerns.

Purchasing decisions are made to include resources for Disability, Deaf/Hard of Hearing; diverse cultural, ethnic and racial groups, LGBTQ+, First Nations – prioritising “own voices” and female perspectives. Specific keyword tags in the catalogue enable easy searching of these books. Displays promote these resources. A collection of bilingual resources or resources in languages offered in the school curriculum are provided.

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