Quotes from “Life in Outer Space” by Melissa Keil

23 Sep

(I used to be an English teacher, but now I teach ICT and no longer feel the compulsion to feel bad about not using correct punctuation.If you like punctuation, please see the book… Actually, I still feel a bit bad about failing to use punctuation…)

P40 judging by the look justin gives me as he walks away I have just been upgraded to the guy who later has his entrails smeared all over the corridor walls.

45 but aren’t we better off not tempting fate?

Tempting fate. What’s the worst that could happen?

Allison looks pained. I think that might be the definition of tempting date, she mumbles.

Adrian tosses his sandwich in the bin. Come on, guys. No fate, but what we make. He grins at me. For once his terminator quotage might prove to be useful.

P47 I would say to avoid the special, but I fear I’ m too late. I think whoever made it hates tastebuds.

P48 unfortunately, I cannot be friends with anyone who prioritises real life over WoW.

P50 Apparently we now have a history study group. Is that even a thing people do?

P55 unless you can factor in a brain or a personality transplant – there’s no such thing as a fresh start. You drag yourself with you wherever you go.

P55 sometimes it’s about reading your environment real quick, and then finding the bits of it that fit you.

P61 surely she knows by now that the four of us are the social equivalent of weed killer.

P62 oh right so that’s who those guys are. The quarantined end of the social queue.

P64 I can’t decide why it works for camilla, when everyone else looks like they’ve tripped and fallen head first into a Salvation Army bin.

P89? My theory is that camilla is some sort of reverse demon- spawn, like the Canadian resurrected from the evil dead, only instead of inspiring homicide and face- eating, she’s spreading – well whatever the opposite of demonic face-eating is.

P116 anyway you’re in serious trouble if you’re expecting a bodyguard service from me. I’ m still waiting for my radioactive spider- bite.

P174 Justin and I have as much chance of becoming friends as Adrian has of captaining the starship enterprise.

P189 what’s the worst thing that could happen?

You could die a horrible death if legions of the undead invade. But that probably won’t happen.

p237 okay I think it will be the equivalent of a colonoscopy with a rusty garden instrument.

P246 .. sharing the same bed as her is as smart as swimming with a live toaster.

P294 I am ready to crush all uprisings with mindless conformity and surprisingly crap aim.

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