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Teresa Schauer has set up a Teacher Tube group called Book Trailers for All.
Here are the directions:

To join Teacher Tube:
1. Go to
2. Register as a member of Teacher Tube if you do not already have an
3. Follow the directions for uploading your book trailer, but clicking
on “Upload Video.” You will be given notification that your video will be
reviewed by the staff at Teacher Tube within 24 hours. (You MUST upload the
video to your main account, before adding it to the group.)

To Join Book Trailers for All:
1. The link to the group is:
(You can also find us by typing in “Book Trailers for All” and selecting
“Groups” in the drop down menu)
2. Request to join and wait to be approved. (I am currently checking for
new members twice a day)
3. Once you are approved, return to the group and add your video by
following the steps on the group page.

These two above thanks to Barbara Braxton

From Me

Ipswich Teacher-Librarians


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Being culled – books AND teacher-librarians?

My netvibes widget (see lower left of this page) was the most clicked link from this blog yesterday. There is text from an article I wrote about using netvibes in school librairies here Only the public part of my netvibes site is visible to others. The private part can be viewed in netvibes wasabi which gives more viewing options and a more magazine like appearance. Apart from other uses, netvibes is great for collecting new posts to your favourite blogs fto read later.

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