Summer Reading Promotion: most popular books 2015

25 Nov


Popular books in order of most borrowed. (Most loans at top)

  • Life on the refrigerator door               Kuipers, Alice
  • City of bones             Clare, Cassandra
  • The fault in our stars               Green, John
  • Uglies            Westerfeld, Scott
  • The boy in the striped pyjamas : a fable         Boyne, John
  • The recruit  Muchamore, Robert
  • Delirium       Oliver, Lauren
  • Insurgent    Roth, Veronica
  • Divergent    Roth, Veronica
  • The help      Stockett, Kathryn
  • Class A          Muchamore, Robert
  • The maze runner     Dashner, James
  • Once             Gleitzman, Morris
  • Tomorrow, when the war began      Marsden, John
  • White cat     Black, Holly
  • City of ashes              Clare, Cassandra
  • Now              Gleitzman, Morris
  • Red queen  Aveyard, Victoria
  • Reboot         Tintera, Amy
  • Twilight        Meyer, Stephenie
  • Chinese Cinderella: the secret story of an unwanted daughter           Mah, Adeline Yen
  • City of lost souls       Clare, Cassandra
  • The dead of the night            Marsden, John
  • Maximum security  Muchamore, Robert
  • An abundance of Katherines              Green, John
  • The book of lies        Moloney, James
  • Catching fire               Collins, Suzanne
  • Cinder           Meyer, Marissa
  • City of fallen angels Clare, Cassandra
  • Daughter of smoke and bone             Taylor, Laini
  • The hunger games  Collins, Suzanne
  • Keeper of the lost cities        Messenger, Shannon
  • Matched      Condie, Ally
  • The scorch trials        Dashner, James
  • Slated           Terry, Teri
  • City of glass Clare, Cassandra
  • The declaration         Malley, Gemma
  • Girl online   Sugg, Zoe
  • I am number four    Lore, Pittacus
  • I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you     Carter, Ally
  • The killing    Muchamore, Robert
  • Rebel            Tintera, Amy
  • Saving Francesca      Marchetta, Melina
  • To kill a mockingbird               Lee, Harper
  • Between the lives   Shirvington, Jessica
  • The Iron King: The Iron Fey  Kagawa, Julie
  • Mockingjay Collins, Suzanne
  • Pandemonium          Oliver, Lauren
  • Pretties        Westerfeld, Scott
  • The year Nick McGowan came to stay            Sparrow, Rebecca
  • Allegiant      Roth, Veronica
  • Clockwork princess Clare, Cassandra
  • Dear John    Sparks, Nicholas
  • Divergent    Roth, Veronica
  • Don’t look back         Armentrout, Jennifer L
  • The house of Hades                Riordan, Rick
  • The Jewel    Ewing, Amy
  • The knife of never letting go               Ness, Patrick
  • The long walk            King, Stephen
  • Parvana  Ellis, Deborah
  • Requiem      Oliver, Lauren
  • Silence          Fitzpatrick, Becca
  • The winner’s curse  Rutkoski, Marie
  • Clockwork angel       Clare, Cassandra
  • Cross my heart and hope to spy        Carter, Ally
  • Crossed        Condie, Ally
  • The death cure         Dashner, James
  • Enclave         Aguirre, Ann
  • Evernight     Gray, Claudia
  • Exile               Messenger, Shannon
  • The fall         Muchamore, Robert
  • Girl underground     Gleitzman, Morris
  • Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets      Rowling, J.K.
  • Heir of fire  Maas, Sarah J
  • Hunger         Grant, Michael
  • Mad dogs    Muchamore, Robert
  • The night circus : a novel       Morgenstern, Erin
  • Obernewtyn              Carmody, Isobelle
  • Partials         Wells, Dan
  • Percy Jackson and the lightning thief              Riordan, Rick
  • The raven boys         Stiefvater, Maggie
  • A rose for the ANZAC boys  French, Jackie
  • The son of Neptune               Riordan, Rick
  • Switched     Hocking, Amanda
  • Then              Gleitzman, Morris
  • Unwind        Shusterman, Neal
  • Where she went      Forman, Gayle
  • Wings            Pike, Aprilynne
  • The 5th wave             Yancey, Rick
  • After             Gleitzman, Morris
  • The age of miracles Walker, Karen Thompson
  • All the bright places Niven, Jennifer
  • Are you seeing me?                Groth, Darren
  • Arrival           Morphew, Chris
  • The ask and the answer        Ness, Patrick
  • A darker shade of magic       Schwab, Victoria
  • Dash & Lily’s book of dares  Cohn, Rachel; Levithan, David
  • Don’t judge a girl by her cover            Carter, Ally
  • The elite      Cass, Kiera
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