MINDSHIFTS, MAKEOVERS AND MAGIC: Your mission should you choose to accept it

08 Apr

PD notes for presentation by Liz McGettigan, Director of Digital Library Experiences and Technology at SOLUS UK

at Library Resource Centre, Ambrose Treacy College (formerly Nudgee Junior college) Twigg Street, Indooroopilly

Monday 09 February 2015 5:00pm to 7:30pm, provided by ALIA

Better notes than mine:

  • People: Need their input
  • Place
  • Platform

PARADIGM Shift, Problems, Profile

Tag: Learn, escape, enjoy

Edinburgh libraries story

  •  Tales of one city blog
  • The gold standard- all libraries same standard
  • Never has the competition for the customer been so hard; Never has information been more important
  • Launchpad for the future
  • We need to strive to dent the universe by Steve Jobs
  • The enterprise skills
  • Learning lab
  • Touch feel contribute
  • Libraries change lives awards
  • Do it zone, digilab, fablab, makerspaces – needs to be community driven
  • User generated content
  • So you want to write a book
  • The illiterate relearn, unlearn
  • Augmented reality oculus rift
  • Mythical maze Summer Reading Challenge: The reading agency – over 1 million  Mythical hunt, collect stickers to complete challenge, 3d printer paint And name characters in book. Library treasure: good for reading: The ar game; 3d printer; The characters; The book
  •  We must be the change we want to see in the world
  • Gaming; Coding workshops
  • Innovation and learning, merge physical and digital
  • Showcase
  • Innovate be brave, be determined

Fear has 2 meanings forget everything and run; face everything and rise

The choice is yours

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