Scootling About

15 Aug

What is it?

Scootle is a content discovery portal for Australian teachers containing more than 22,000 teaching resources. It includes features that support teachers to organise digital content and lessons.

Why go there?

• As well as heaps of great teaching resources, there are many great interactive activities – called Learning Objects that are fun!

• For QLD teachers, it has many C2C resources.

• It has collaborative spaces for students that teachers can set up for students

• Scootle Community has lots of free professional learning for teachers: ScootleLive and soon/ Scootle

• Learning Paths are great to use with students. See

• 10 good reasons

Scootle home page for Australian teachers only, need to login to access resources

How to register

Go to To begin, please enter your education email address, for example or If you don’t use an email address with a common teaching extension, or if you need further assistance, please email us:

Subscribe to Sccootle Newsletter at

Scootle userguide

Bit out of date now, but still fairly useful, main change – used Advanced Search to choose year levels, subjects etc


Exporting, emailing or creating pdf from scootle search

Scootle learning paths

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