Group work and Questioning

16 Mar

Diigo is a great tool for storing useful links. To find links on group work and questioning, I just had to go to my diigo account and there were already many there: e.g.

To find material on diigo, search by tags – many are listed on the left of each person’s diigo site. Examples of tags: questioning collaboration group.
Some good links have been retrieved below, but to see how links are grouped under a diigo tag, go to:
Example of links collected in a diigo tag on questioning:

Dotson, J. M. (2001). Cooperative Learning Structures Can Increase Student Achievement . Retrieved April 16, 2012,from Kagan Online Magazine, Winter: see research summaries and bibliography

Questions p 36 onwards’s_Taxonomy_Cognitive_Domain.pdf&ei=GPRDUYu4MPGXiQfkk4DoAg&usg=AFQjCNHHDlgKVpmX8cG41cK9USTYqGEiqA&sig2=DzxPZB-q_qdYn_QB1wRskQ

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