2012 Australian et al News Quizlet

29 Dec

2012 Australian et al News Quizlet

1. What was the name of the Hurricane that hit New York City?
2. Who did Julia Gillard call a misogynist?
3. Who did Obama defeat in this year’s USA election?
4. Jill Meahger was killed in Sydney in 2012.What technology, whose name consists of 4 letters, played a major role in apprehending her alleged murderer?
5. Bill Gates is searching for a new version of a common household appliance with the aim of reducing disease in developing countries. What is it?
6. Julia Gillard defeated who in February’s leadership spill?
7. Which Australian Olympic sport produced disappointing results attributed to the “ easy life.”
8. In September, violence erupted in central Sydney, and some other parts of the world. Which religious figure was this protest about?
9. Which Australian Union was involved in the Gillard slush fund issue?
10. Which Premier said that it would be 2 years before their state could participate in the National Disability Insurance Scheme because the State is too broke?

1. Sandy
2. Tony Abbott
3. Mitt Romney
5. Toilet
6. Kevin Rudd
7. Swimming
8. Mohammed
9. AWU
10. QLD

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