2011 Current Affairs Quiz answers

14 Dec

Quiz is at
I am in Brisbane, so there are some local questions-so leave these out or add some local ones of your own.

1. Christchurch
2. Japan
3. Nearly every Arab country was in turmoil, especially Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Yemen, Libya, Iran.
4. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
5. 10 years (9/11 was 2001)
6. DSK
7. Challenger and Columbia
8. Greece
9. Norway
10. Police shot a 29 year old man who was described as a known gangster, after he shot a police officer (who survived as the bullet hit his radio).
11. Ghaddafi
12. b) 4,400 to be more accurate
13. Turkey
14. 7 billion
15. Michael Jackson
16. Thailand
17. Curiosity
18. UK
19. MMXI
20. Forests, The International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.
21. Minerals resource Rent Tax
22. Labor platform now allows gay marriage, Labor politicians will be able to conscience vote on teh issue. Coalition-does not support legal recognition of marriage for gay couples, conscience vote not allowed.
23. 2
24. Seat of Ashgrove, leader of the LNP
25. 2020
26. QANTAS management grounded the airline in response to industrial action.
27. d) 72
28. 36
29. Ashton Kutcher
30. The Big Bang Theory

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