Daughter of Smoke and Bone – even more quotes

21 Oct

p208 She shrugged. It was getting tiring, not knowing anything.

p210 And when I went home, I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and I was so grateful that you had defended yourself. That you didn’t let me kill you.

p213 She tried to pretend she hadn’t been about to stab him with a pencil.

p218 “We’re on the cathedral,” she said again, and he thought he was missing something, some nuance lost in language, but then he realized: She was just amazed. Amazed to be perching atop the cathedral, high on the hill above Prague with everything below her. She hugged her arms around the warm bread and stood looking out, and on her face was a naked awe more potent than Akiva could ever recall feeling, even when flying was new. It was likely he had never felt any such thing. His own early flights weren’t occasion for awe or joy—only discipline. But he wanted to be part of the moment that was making her face shine like that, so he moved to her side and looked out. It
was a remarkable sight, the sky beginning to flush pale at the roots, all the towers bathed in a soft glow, the streets of the city still shadowed and aglitter with fireflies of lamplight and the weaving, winking beams of headlights.“You haven’t come up here before?” he asked. She turned to him. “Oh, yes, I bring all the boys up here.”“And if they don’t meet with approval,” he said, “you can always push them off.”

p221 “What?” she asked. “What exactly don’t I know?”
“His magic, for one thing,” said Akiva. “Your wishes. Do you know what they come from?”
“Come from?”
“It’s not free, Karou. Magic has a price. The price is pain.”

p227 But he said, “I can’t take you. The portal is guarded. You’d be killed on sight.”
“You seraphim do a lot of that, killing on sight.”

p239 What did you just say to him?” Zuzana asked.
“I reminded him that we’re enemies.”
“Tch. Whatever you are, Karou, you are not enemies.”
“But we are,” she said, and they were, no matter how powerfully her body was trying to convince her otherwise.
“Then what are you doing, watching sunrises and drinking tea with him?”

p272 She said, “I recommend living.”

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  1. Debate blog - Julio

    November 20, 2011 at 7:00 am

    Very good story. A little tight but I like it.


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