The Finnish Paradox

31 Jul

1. Finnish education – based on trusting teachers?
2. Working smarter and
3. copying youtube to computer -may be copyright violation to do so, unless “fair use” exceptions apply, though it is even a “fair use” stretch for schools. most experts will say it is a violation for schools to do so. Some people say it does meet the fair use guidelines as long as it is used for direct teaching and the copies are not archived and used every year.
4. information literacy curriculum and and
5. and plays translated as ebooks
6. Learning Genome Prezi individualising learning
7. Wolfram Alpha’s CDF for interactive charts powered by real-time computation.
8. NYPL lets kids read away fines
9. understanding the discussion options on wikispaces:
10. book week
11. jazzy world time converter
12. mathpickle
13. role of teacher-librarians using ebooks and pbooks to reach diverse students
14. create QR Codes:
15. how to google plus
16. embedit
17. face recognition cybersafety
18. survey
19. pre-school bullying girls and,8599,2013184,00.html
20. Who Owns A Journalist’s Twitter Account? BBC Loses 60,000 Followers To ITV
21. humour – candle that smells like newsprint
22. Spellbound- Hex Hall 3 has a cover
23. “A journalist’s guide to eBook publishing” from Online Journalism Review –
24. Overdrive video tutorials and print instructions
25. Is Twitter obsolete?
26. fun game
27. Teachers Connecting with Teacher Librarians

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