Time for name change?

30 Jul

1. Do we need to become e-learning and p-learning specialists? Is teacher-librarian a term that is becoming extinct?
2. : show a primary source and create a brain frame as a daily warm up
3. 4cs 21st Century Skills, Above Beyond:
4. Top 10 Free Tools 2 Create Visually Appealing Infographics
5. no klout my score is 35 – and it went up 2 🙂
6. Digital projectors merge real and virtual worlds
7. Writing Objectives Using Bloom’s Taxonomy
8. and
9. Social Media in the Classroom: distraction or a powerful learning tool
10. Reform Symposium website presentations will be available (probably a few days) after the conference this weekend.
11. Social Media Revolution
12. google what do you love search
13. mobile learning
14. Library Data
15. Online Commenting: The Age of Rage
16. The UX of Learning: thinking, organizing; and web curation.
17. How to Connect Google+ to Twitter and Facebook start up guide
18. Daily Show: In the Name of the Fodder
19. Information curation about digital citizenship in schools
20. census

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