Joyce Valenza Resources

30 Jul

Resources from Gold Coast Presentation Joyce Valenza

1. It’s okay to be beta
2. We are working ahead of the rules
3. Intrepid pioneers don’t worry about hospital corners
4. Train thyself – don’t wait for the next big seminar – so much is online free.
5. You have to do some of this at home
6. Teach outside your doors – 24/7 access
7. House calls are critical
8. Power dressing not Halloween sweaters
9. Find a way to get to yes
10. Stop watering rocks they don’t grow – water the flowers instead
11. 2.0 is an intellectual freedom issue
12. Turn to clear vision – what is your 2020 vision?
13. It’s time to be fierce – we need a new action figure (Gwyneth Jones)
14. Hit the start button.

Websites referred to by Joyce in her presentation (to the best of my note-taking ability-it was a big day)

apps – note-taking – many library have apps eg for databases. Gale cengage apps – access my library AML for every database etc in that library. Ebsco has a mobile app. Searching and eportfolios book trailers – by topic A parents guide to Facebook
Bernadine Porter – digital storytelling ; sharing wizards for when you upload pictures yourself; Copyright Friendly Curation comes up when people realise its not just about information seeking – but also about synchronising a community – how do we as teacher-librarians synchronise and make available Elementary Library Routines Flickr –safe search on Flickr Flickrstorm very good for elementary teachers you can preselect pictures and create a tray for students to choose from and it gives you a url for the tray
Google forms – independent research surveys
Google is a vertical search tool – the results are likely to be on page 500 of your seach results unless you know which google tool to use Google tools – remind yourself of what Google hides – free, content neutral apps aligned with levels and verbs suggested by the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy book trailers – by topic QR code generators, readers APPS Harnessing the power of collaboration – skype an author network – 15 minutes are free images
create your own ebook!!! book talk a day timeline Tom March theisis builder create your online newspaper Primary age students group work and collaboration and The Great Library Stereotypometer! QR codes in the library and
http://torres21.typepad Digital storytelling Greek myths and legends!home maps and alternative to wallwisher but you can’t delete posts, only whole event thinking routines Tom March thesis builder digital learning pedagogy Infographics – skype an author and and hamlet strategies script International Children’s Digital Library especially her How to Guide for Digital Storytelling Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano free every second time infographics Greek myths and legends Joyce presentations FREE, creates webtour AGGREGATES Tom March’s thesis builder free pictures for bloggers – log in to Google Wylio –
Zooburst – digital storytelling 3d pop up books the adventures of super presentation man discontinued blog and
ttp:// My Perpetual Pursuit of the Perfect Pathfinder Platform by Joyce Kasman Valenza spartan guides Newington and royalty free music free music

Facebook group – icentre

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