Joyce Down Under

23 Jul

1. stinks/rocks ereaders, traditional cataloguing, hyperlinks, wikipedia for research, citation generators, twitter for student research – my ideas – facebook, food in the library, genre shelving/dewey,
2. diigo
4. Library funding cuts leave all Victoria poorer
5. read around the world
7. Writing software teaches students how to correct their own mistakes
8. Free to mix – guiding the way
9. online publishing woes lulu and review
10. publishing a novel online compare blurb lulu etc
11. Google+ reached 10m users in 16 days. Want to know how long it took Facebook and Twitter?
12. The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly In 2011
13. Twitter search that actually, you know, searches Twitter:
14. QR Codes in Books
15. Mindfulness versus metacognition, and critical thinking:
16. Great Tech Expectations: What Should Elementary Students Be Able to Do and When? >>
17. videos Learning to Teach Online: a Professional Development resource
18. Teachers, Have the Courage to be Less Helpful
19. Google Labs is Closing?
20. When to Use Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs
21. TunnelBear accesses sites restricted to the US or UK
22. To Kill a Mockingbird Revisited
24. ebsco resources
25. The State of the Internet shows our online habits. Check out some fun facts and see the video!

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