Dipity do, dipity don’t

17 Jul

1. using dipity timeline for Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice
2. The Best Web 2.0 Applications For Education In 2011 — So Far
3. captions in the classroom, literacy
4. Silent Library: Using MTV as library outreach programming trailer and Libraries as Sites of Enchantment, Participatory Culture, and Learning |
5. Get your geek on. Support the library.
6. What G+ really about (pst!!! it’s not social)
7. school library website and
8. not all bookstores closing Independent Bookstore Chain Half Price Books Builds A Bookstore In 77 Seconds (VIDEO) and A Secret Bookstore in New York City | Open Culture “Come find me, visit me, and I’m all yours.”
9. Integrating footnotes and endnotes in digital texts – referencing
10. copyright How to Talk to Your Students About Copyright
11. Harry Potter in 6 mins
12. wonderwheel option spezify
13. links4learning
14. google plus search
15. state of the internet – infographic
16. Who reads and how and
17. Pottermore blog
18. 7 visually appealing ways to publish online and and flipsnack, youblisher,
19. A lesson in fairy tales
20. Cool constant velocity example:
21. Who learns more, the people playing a game or those DESIGNING the game?
22. US Education problem
23. sustainability

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