Wonderful but not wonder wheel

Visual keyword sites
http://www.learnlogic.net/docubursts-and-visualising-content/ Visual images of sites that produce keywords not unlike wonder wheel – not connected to search though

Use “Related searches” option on left menu in google
http://yometa.com/ venn diagram
http://search.yippy.com/ cluster search engine – used to be clusty, vivisimo
http://www.boolify.org/ how to boolean search
http://www.sweetsearch.com/ search engine for education, good support tutorials
http://www.refseek.com/ offers words to narrow search, aims to be academic search engine
http://lookahead.surfwax.com/index-2011.html suggests search options as you type
http://education.iseek.com/iseek/home.page suggests search terms – for education
lexipedia http://www.lexipedia.com/ thesaurus – suggests keywords – then have to search
http://duckduckgo.com/ suggests other search areas, won’t track you
sortfix http://www.sortfix.com/ make sure to check this one
very cool http://newstimeline.googlelabs.com/ instead of realtime search?
http://www.google.com/squared narrow searches

keywords from wikis quite good for keywords, but then have to enter into general search engine
http://www.wikimindmap.org/ visual keywords (I found I had to select en.wikipedia.org for the keyword diagram to appear)
http://www.wikisummarizer.com/ – while you type – both produce keywords
http://www.deeperweb.com/ suggestions to further filter a google search

Others to try
http://www.bahoogle.co.cc/ searches google, bing, yahoo, ask
http://www.searchlion.com/ useful for searching lots of sites
has keywords at the top
http://www.search-cube.com/ 3D, can be slow to load, fun
http://beta.simploos.com/ thumbnail of sites easy to flick through
http://www.nexplore.com/ sites text with thumbnail beside
http://search.spacetime.com/ thumbnail of sites easy to flick through
http://aga-kids.com/ visual search for children
http://www.ziipa.com/ thumbnail of sites easy to flick through
http://kidsclick.org/ normal type search
http://kids.yahoo.com directory at top
http://www.spezify.com/ visual search engine, not so good for school research, stimulating
http://quinturakids.com/ not easy to use, freezing for me when tested

https://fuse.education.vic.gov.au/pages/Teacher.aspx educational resources
http://www.scootle.edu.au/ec/p/home educational resources, need registration

Invisible web – try a few of these- can get very different results from each
http://websearch.about.com/od/invisibleweb/a/completeplanet.htm complete planet
http://www.incywincy.com/ like the name
old favourite http://infomine.ucr.edu/
http://vlib.org/ old favourite
http://www.intute.ac.uk/ old favourite
http://www.infoplease.com/index.html old favourite

Databases – not free, need passwords- see school or other libraries

maths and technical http://www.wolframalpha.com/
http://blekko.com/ killing content farms
science http://www.scienceaccelerator.gov/

SEO keywords -these are not really so good for school
Slow http://lsikeywords.com/

general search advice
Judy O’Connell podcast and links on searching http://goo.gl/thalR

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