Wonderful but not wonder wheel

16 Jul

Visual keyword sites Visual images of sites that produce keywords not unlike wonder wheel – not connected to search though

Use “Related searches” option on left menu in google venn diagram cluster search engine – used to be clusty, vivisimo how to boolean search search engine for education, good support tutorials offers words to narrow search, aims to be academic search engine suggests search options as you type suggests search terms – for education
lexipedia thesaurus – suggests keywords – then have to search suggests other search areas, won’t track you
sortfix make sure to check this one
very cool instead of realtime search? narrow searches

keywords from wikis quite good for keywords, but then have to enter into general search engine visual keywords (I found I had to select for the keyword diagram to appear) – while you type – both produce keywords suggestions to further filter a google search

Others to try searches google, bing, yahoo, ask useful for searching lots of sites
has keywords at the top 3D, can be slow to load, fun thumbnail of sites easy to flick through sites text with thumbnail beside thumbnail of sites easy to flick through visual search for children thumbnail of sites easy to flick through normal type search directory at top visual search engine, not so good for school research, stimulating not easy to use, freezing for me when tested

Teachers educational resources educational resources, need registration

Invisible web – try a few of these- can get very different results from each complete planet like the name
old favourite old favourite old favourite old favourite

Databases – not free, need passwords- see school or other libraries

maths and technical killing content farms

SEO keywords -these are not really so good for school

general search advice
Judy O’Connell podcast and links on searching

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One response to “Wonderful but not wonder wheel

  1. Betsy Irwin

    July 17, 2011 at 3:05 am

    I will miss Wonder Wheel- hope I can find something else in this list!


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