Vertical Planking. Easy to do, just move away from the keyboard and stand up

10 Jul

1. plonking
2. Free to Mix, useful guide for tchrs
3. Bag the Web as a curation tool
4. Good news from Australia for Libraries and Literacy: – federal funding for 2012 National Year of Reading
5. Oliver and overdrive and
6. Fiction improves social understanding
7. Web 2.0 Smackdown
8. neat map. Names used for soda (soft drinks) by county in the US.-
9. Why Not Take a Course from Yale This Summer? It’s Free
10. “poetry bomber”
11. Talking to Learn: Conversation as a Tool-
12. Creative commons for music educators
13. foldplay photos
14. book week
15. why school libraries are important.
16. 3rd Option for e-books in libraries
17. OpenSim and Moodle: Creating Enhanced Learning Spaces
18. HOW TO: Launch Facebook Skype Video Chat [PICS]
19. Check my post “Flipping in 5th Grade” on Teacher Vodcasting and Flipped :
20. 8 Tech Trends 4 Librarians (and Teachers 2!)
21. A new draft revision of the ACRL Guidelines for Media Resources is available for review and comment though Aug. 30.
22. Redefining Approaches to Digital Literacy and Citizenship
23. Top 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning
24. Collaboration and Ownership in Student Writing – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education:
25. SearchLion

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