Privacy, what privacy?

09 Jul

1. As of July 31st, all Google profiles will be public
2. wikimindmap – wonder wheel alternative – but for wikis only and wiki summarizer
3. wonderwheel options not visual – but comes up with related searches, though google still does this too, google sets
4. Interesting search engine that compares results visually from different engines
5. Developing Language, Knowledge, and Vocabulary via Dialogic Reading Methods (Urbani)
6. Jace’s letter
7. ebook search engine
8. Author podcasts
9. download creative commons icons
10. writing circles checklist and
11. gather data via a Google Form/Spreadsheet and then easily map the results using the BatchGeo tool
12. Jewish racism
13. Google Plus and YouTube – An introduction to Google+ , Circles, Sparks, Hangouts and photos – and How to turn Google+ into an online photography portfolio and The Rise Of The Mobile Social Network
14. tinkering resources for creative parents, educators
15. Give Me Back that Gold Star or How Do You Reward Your Students When You Don’t Believe in Rewards
16. blog with your Students?-
17. future of school libraries
18. Splitscreen: A Love Story shot entirely on two cell phones
19. Unlocking Literacy w/ iPads
20. 5 ways get boys to read
22. Mindmeister overview of Google+
23. Vanished: cool 8 week environmental disaster mystery game for middle-school children by Smithsonian; MIT
24. Updated Best Ways For Students To Create Online Videos (Using Someone Else’s Content)
25. Easy Peasy Attribution AND Creative Commons!

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