Keep it Calm

28 Jun

1. Calm classroom technique
2. Google rendering for mobile devices
3. Clickview Oliver subject headings;jsessionid=567AA2209A6167C47EA49A0E6EDCE29C?list=cvexchange&mid=991826
4. Pottermore future of books
5. levelled books
6. free teacher magazine
7. Cybersafety inquiry
8. managing facebook
10. scientific inquiry science
11. digital citizenship
12. scope and sequence resources for literacy/English
13. Project Based vs Problem Based Learning
14. today’s meet instead of twitter Cool tool .. If you want to use something other than twitter, pls use
15. Joyce Valenza
16. flipped classroom
17. free maps and
18. This is Not a Unit: Eight Shifts for Every Classroom (and Every Learner) by Will Richardson
19. “Kids expect their online activities to have real-world impact and vice versa. Web, mobile and game developers are bridging online and offline experiences for both kids and adults through sites like Nickelodeon’s The Big Help and Recyclebank which assign real-world rewards for eco-friendly actions. Healthcare companies and Web services like Health Month have also been working to extend games into traditionally “offline” spaces–specifically, games that motivate personal wellness through tech-enabled tracking and tangible, real-world rewards like saving money, meeting personal health goals and forming new social connections.” by Kadley Gosselin
20. History of Web and Social Analytics…06.24.11 (info graphic)
21. Learning to love reading in 30 mind per day

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