Make me a hero

26 Jun

1. superhero and
2. school librarians heading the way of the card catalogue
3. overdrive always available free ebooks
4. Height infographic and lowest places above sea level, geography
5. Google earth blog
6. Logistics of Creating a Current News Events on Google Maps-
7. livestreaming with Connect UStream
8. Augmented Reality and Mobile Learning :
9. The Textbook I Want NOW good future of the book clip
10. story writing cards prompts and
11. Attending Conferences Vicariously with twitter
12. desmos free online graphing calculator
13. happiness and resilience taught in the same way as maths and English?
14. tricider – quick poll survey tool
15. Twitter Topic Explorer is a neat tool: and me
16. Everything is a remix
17. Harry Potter E-Books Plan Worries Bookstore Owners
18. 31 Interesting Ways to Use Audio in your Classroom slides in google docs
19. Three Qualities That Make Video Games Better Teachers Than Teachers gaming gamification game
20. 100 articles that every librarian should read and And collaborative listmaking

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