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18 Jun

Amazon Kindle for PC youtube instructions

Ebook reading for staff and students

You do not need a kindle device to access kindle ebooks. Using Amazon Kindle for PC (AK4PC) for someone with a credit card is easy. It is more challenging to set it up for use with children who do not have a credit card, or where parents wish to manage which kindle ebooks their children access. A credit card is needed for purchasing ebooks, so it is likely parents will want to manage purchases. This can be done by means such as: parents organising the purchases themselves, deleting credit card details when not actually making purchases, or using gift cards. Kindle has free ebooks, but the range is limited. Once an ebook has been downloaded, it can be read even without the internet, so download books ahead for trips etc.

So, the first step is finding kindle books you want from Amazon. Search at using the categories on the left of the site. Find free books by clicking “Sort by” (top right) and “Price Low to High.”

AK4PC can be downloaded from . Parents should download AK4PC to their own computer. Do not share the account password with students, because all it takes is “Buy Now With One Click,” to make a purchase if your credit card is linked. You will need to register an account with Amazon. Once you have chosen and paid for a book (even one that is zero dollars), click the yellow “Go to Kindle for PC.” To access ebooks you have obtained, click the Amazon desktop icon, or Start, Programs, Amazon etc. New titles will be in the Archived Items tab, top left. Click this tab to download ebooks to your Home library. Any ebook purchased can be loaded on up to 6 devices, including netbooks – you just need to use the same registration. Then, you go to your child’s computing device, download AK4PC and register with your AK4PC details. Click Archives and you will be able to download books you have already purchased to your child’s Home library. You can do this on up to 6 devices (includes your own).

It is possible to purchase a gift card so students can buy books without needing a credit card . Not all ebooks are age-appropriate for younger children. “Secondhand” Kindle ebooks can be sold/bought cheaply via lendle . This utilises the fact most people do not need the 6 copies allowed with purchases.

Free ebooks and audiobooks can also be borrowed via Overdrive (need a BCC Library card)

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