17 Jun

1. Extreme Presentation Method
2. Students Becoming Curators of Information
3. IWB in library and
4. using book covers and and (not if the covers are going to be used outside the school context). and and and and and what is fair dealing – “criticism or review” or or and and and cbca copyright free resources and
5. How to embed YouTube videos without the YouTube logo
6. book trailer instructions
7. tools categorized by subject, grade level,
8. global education
9. students can download two audio books each week to listen to on their various devices
10. nearly 2000 IWB-using educators
11. eBook and eReaders in Libraries event RMIT University on 26 May 2011 ALIA RAIS blog at
12. Library 2.011 world-wide virtual conference, November 2 – 3, 2011. The conference will be held online, in multiple time zones over the course of two days, and will be free to attend. To be kept informed of the latest conference news and updates, please join the Library 2.0 network.
13. library survey
14. and and and
15. Library curriculum
16. google voice search
17. Overdrive and
18. Google launches search by image with sorting
19. Google Me, keep an eye on your digital footprint |
21. Graphic Novel Unlocks How The Media Manipulates Facts [Video] | Co.Design
22. Polls, Surveys & Backchanneling
23. library report
24. Using Digital Comics for Language Learning:
25. Create Outstanding Modern Infographics
26. Education is broken
27. Twitter Source in Fake Education Research News
28. New Kindle Series Uses Digital Tricks To Entice Tweens To Read The Classics
29. Test Your Literature IQ…How Well Do You Really Know Books?
30. Visual representation of the structure of a thesis essay.
31. even habits of highly effective library website Presentation from the CILIPS conference (7 june 2011)
32. Show us your very own Trove search box on your website
33. Summer Seed Ideas: Curation, Participation, and Student PLEs: Planning Ahead for Fall CC image vi…
34. Students curate, re-mix historic photos RT @thecleversheep ‘Time’ for my new favourite timeline creation tool:
35. 47 powerful photos of the world’s 214 million migrants, refugees and internally displaced people
36. Don’t Teach Them Facts – Let Student Discover Patterns
37. discovery layer? do you have one in your library? If you don ‘t know then this is a post to read!
38. Evernote sharing keeps getting better. My Connective Writing notebook
39. “Teen Sexting and Its Impact on the Tech Industry”
40. The Case for Videogames as Powerful Tools for Learning
41. Summer Understanding how the Brain Thinks
42. library research

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