If It Is Too Inconvenient, I’m Not Going After It:” Convenience as a Critical Factor in Information-seeking Behaviors

07 Jun

1. Convenience is my second name
2. facebook infographic on effect on relationships
3. games dimensionU product schools, social networking and and and
4. Laurie Halse Andersen black times in fiction, great multi-modal, fantastic message.
5. Jace and Clary clip with Pettyfer, not Bower tough for Bower
6. to kill amockingbird
7. competition
8. Wikipedia games The Wikipedia Game- go to Wikipedia and select some random article. Then, you find a link on the page and go to the article it links to. Continue this process for long enough and you’ll eventually end up at some article which you would never believe to have been connected to the original post! Now try to have other people see if they can figure out how to get from one article to the other. First one to get from one to the other, using only internal Wikipedia links gets a point. Also, 2 bonus points are awarded for getting there using a quicker(less intermediate pages)route. This is assuming the author of the challenge is honest on how he got from one to the other. Honor system people! Most points wins! The game stops whenever you decide it does eg Wikipedia Challenge #1: (Name of Article) Start: Elvis Presley End: Queen Elizabeth II also and
9. Accelerated reader research
10. Is It Worth It? Student Created Tutorials
11. Excellent Mobile Learning Videos!
12. find authors like…
13. videos of keynotes now available
14. Infotention |
15. cybersafety
16. gps netball
17. life manifesto
18. Who Uses Twitter? Info graphic.
19. Learning Tools Family Feud

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