Feel Bad

30 May

1. feel bad movie trailer of Xmas 2011 thanks @ ruth_skerricks
2. Author speed book dating
3. 7 Solutions for Educators Who Want 21st Century Students to Tune In
4. Free SMS and libraries – when is google voice coming to Australia? cnet says Australians can use, but calling out only or in gmail or is this a good or bad sign – Microsoft buys skype
5. charts no registration
6. U.S. Reforms Out of Sync With High-Performing Nations
7. Salem Library blog awards
8. worst ppt powerpoint slides to Identify and Avoid Spreading Misinformation, Myths, and Urban Legends on the Internet
9. digital citizenship
10. Paypal v google
11. Confusion v information – interesting graph
12. Tumblr Blog Chronicles Real Outrage Over Fake News Fake Harry Potter news,20528/ and
13. 14 Steps to Meaningful Student Blogging –
14. introduce newbies to Twitter
15. If you could only read one book this summer…_files/summer%20reading.pdf and
16. Hating IWBs
17. school libraries; digital communication from Darcy Moore
18. Virtual libraries of war

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