Landmark libraries

29 May

1. here they are – great libraries
2. student views on ebooks
3. google search tricks
4. what how
5. games templates technology for the classroom
6. google search tricks
7. jeopardy labs games
8. school libraries design and use
9. make kids think
10. Live Chat Software –lets you easily add a live chat to your website through an embeddable HTML code. free trial
11. internet safety
12. clickable image map of tools shown in Bloom’s model
13. Study: Interactive Tools Matter More Than Teaching Methods
14. your own tweeted newspaper
15. graduation advice,0,4054576.column
16. View up to 3 webpages at once. Compare. Contrast.
17. The Hip-Hop Classroom by Flocabulary. Teachers, get on Twitter.
18. 4 Guiding Qs for Prof Learning
19. Killer tips for mastering Google Chrome
20. social issues libguide
21. 21st Century Fluency Project
22. I Married a Terrorist (?):
23. Why read?- Mathematics of reading regularly
24. Qr code classroom implementation guide
25. Wisecrack generator
26. Some great videos here by USA students – Why I Need My Library teen video contest
27. table of the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy with verbs, model question starters and instructional activities.

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