Flip teaching

25 May

History – flip teaching
Chemistry – flip teaching
Jonathan Bergman reveals exciting ways to use video podcasting to improve student achievement. Jonathan explores how teachers can better utilize class time to work with students individually and in groups, rather than standing at the front of a class giving the same lesson taught the year before, or to many groups. This is very relevant to teacher librarians who often teach skills such as referencing, over and over again. Jonathan will have you thinking about whether there are better ways to do this. Jonathan will show the magic of how to do more with class time.
3 keys to a flipped classroom
Salman Khan talks about how and why he created the remarkable Khan Academy, a carefully structured series of educational videos offering complete curricula in math and, now, other subjects. He shows the power of interactive exercises, and calls for teachers to consider flipping the traditional classroom script — give students video lectures to watch at home, and do “homework” in the classroom with the teacher available to help
Also some comments over at TED
The flipped class network
Karl Fisch

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