Dragon Librarians

25 May

1. 2012 year of the dragon dragons come out fighting
2. National Simultaneous Storytime
3. speaking up in class
4. Teach the students how to search Flickr under their “Creative Commons” descriptor.
Using images You need to acknowledge the original creators, of course, according to their nominated level of accreditation, and I send them a little message via their Flickr account to let them know their work was appreciated, and where to see it, if it’s online from Ian McLean – he received lovely return messages from two of the photographers thanking me for notifying them.
5. My School, PISA and Australia’s equity gap Do schools determine the performance of students, or do students determine the performance of schools? An interesting report from the Australia Policy Online website.
6. Physics for the 21st Century
7. Nutrition and healthy eating
8. a website using Hansard to make our pollies pronouncements more accessible! For example you can set up a notification to alert you whenever your local member says something…
9. Self-destructing books – an interesting news item about the control of digital information forwarded by Joan Keating Senior Researcher AustLit: The Australian Literature Resource.
10. Always connected: the new digital media habits of young children – a report from the Joan Ganz Cooney Centre available from the Australian Policy Online website. An American report on the media habits of very young children up to about 11 years of age. See the interesting chart on page 10 „Media Use across the decades‟
11. prezi games prezi how use jing coles woolworths hungry beast
12.;page=0;query=weaver;resCount=Default search myself ha ha

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