Report has landed

23 May

1. The report
2. Wikipedia Russell Brand Caution as good as Brittanica
3. adult literacy
4. Qr Code presentation: QR codes in education
5. What is It about Finland’s Schools?
6. Opposing Pedagogies
7. ugly poster? Let the OmmWriters redesign it:
8. How the Internet Tried to Kill Me
9. Cloud Security article
10. Australia culture
11. “Amazon is essentially collapsing the entire industry into one company.”
12. reflective thinking model to generate critical thinking model and questioning assessing creative writing good critical thinking guide
13. Characteristics of critical analytical writing
17. ebooks
19. How the ‘Oprah Effect’ changed publishing
20. googlios
21. The Physics of Angry Birds
22. The Parade of Games web site was created to provide educators and trainers with easy-to- assemble educational games
23. typing games
24. Assessment in Game-Based Learning
25. learning tools
26. Game-Based Learning (#gbl): What it is, Why it Works, and Where it’s Going
27. site for building vocabulary and looking up words with the simple dictionary. wordstash
28. 20 slides for 20 seconds pecha – kucha
29. Bill Gates and his subversive attempts to form education policy. What ed creds does he have?
30. comprehension, questioning & curiosity via

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