Google gravity

21 May

1. google gravity trick – no real point but a bit of fun
2. search team
3. Google Chrome Store offers SpeakIt! (free text to speech) for Chrome
4. Fotobabble Now Lets You Create Slideshows
5. The rise of K-12 blended learning: Profiles of emerging models ~Link to key models and PDF on
6. angry birds math primary
7. we may now have a single standard for all ereaders Amazon to allow ePub ebooks on the Kindle e-Reader
8. Books. How do they work? – The Centered Librarian
9. re students made textbooks.
10. Infographic: How Technology is Facilitating Education
11. How Well Are Schools Teaching Cyber Safety and Ethics?
12. Why I will no longer work to differentiate instruction!
13. Scotch library
14. Ask a librarian – virtual librarian
15. To Kill a Mockingbird and
16. procrastination flowchart
17. deep web and and and and and Research Tips for Paralegals: Utilizing the Deep Web and and and and

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