A book tried to kill me

20 May

1. edit wars, trusting online information 5.03
2. More Than 5 Million Facebook Users Are 10 and Under, Study Says
3. National Reconciliation Week 27 May – 3 June 2011
4. Share Our Pride website is also very useful Culture; Shared history; Beyond the myths; Respectful relationships; Success stories. ABC Indigenous current issues in indigenous communities.
5. push pop press – ebooks and
6. beautiful libraries and bookstores and
7. easy email newsletters
8. How to start a rumour on Twitter
9. flipped classroom Units 3 & 4 History: Revolutions NY Times article by Daniel Pink Flip your classroom through reverse instruction Compilation of resources
10. Google’s Chromebooks for Education?
11. educational games generator and and lote
12. What Exactly is Game-based Learning?
13. Ten Surprising Truths about Video Games and Learning
14. Five Tools For Self-Publishing Your eBook
15. 30+ Places To Find Creative Commons Media
16. As the website suggests, the effectiveness of presentations falls by 55% when the audiences do not see the face of the presenter.
17. imagoid photo editor
18. and How to Cite Twitter and Facebook,
19. The web adventures are designed to teach students the process of forensic investigation and problem solving. There are three cases or levels to the CSI web adventures. Unlike a lot of educational games, the CSI Web Adventures are created with the highest quality graphics and navigational features.”Free tech 4 teachers. Good scientific process and higher-order thinking simulation activity
20. Harry Potter
21. Which Tablet Is Best for You?
22. kindlebility
23. geo games
24. Survey reveals disconnect in online safety education
25. JellyCam is a free program for creating stop motion movies.
26. 10 ways for teachers to save time…

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