Leaning Tower of Pisa

19 May

1. The Global Search for Education: Can You Pass the Global Standardized Test?
2. You can judge a book by its ‘dust test’ as university library cuts its staff and stock ALA: Department of Education withdraws federal support for school libraries
3. Blank maps and
Separate maps for various countries
4. kindle lending
5. book week passports
6. free images
7. How to use Web and Twitter feeds for news surveillance
8. 2011 K12 Horizon Report is now available
9. YouTube has just released 3000 educational movies:
10. Trove 4.0! We’ve added 150million journal articles. 2 access u need a local/state/natnal lib m’ship.
11. rubric we created for lit circle picture book glog
12. Seth Godin
13. OverDrive Accelerates Global eBook Distribution to K-12 & Higher Ed Channels –
14. search eprints oister and
15. women fuel ebook piracy
16. Newspaper Map~A map with filled with links to online newspapers from around the world
17. free open source texts
18. Teaching Kids to Ask Good Questions
19. AASL Learning for Life toolkit
20. Free Education Posters from Google
21. What Games Teach Us about Learning
22. scoop it The Highs and Lows of Virtual School: One Teacher’s View
23. blogging pupils’ writing
24. YouTube – Growth of a Google Doc by the eyes of a student
25. competitions
26. 5 Must-Read Books by TED 2011 Speakers
27. Ushering in the Era of “Validation”: Gaining Authority in the Age of Digital Overload: “Curation…
28. Now share Google Docs and Google Calendars (via News): Great news, students! For…
29. Excellent interview with Finnish educator –
30. Color code your Google Calendar events
31. Buzzword alert – Gamification /by @smartinez
32. Popplet for next project good for presentation, brainstorming, research
33. Can Gamification Boost Independent Learning?
34. 5 techniques to prevent your blog posts from getting plagiarized – lifted from @PlagiarismToday –

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