YA Lit, Feminism and Femininity

25 Apr

2. Angry Birds cake video hits 5M views: Creator speaks
3. using Facebook safely and effectively as a teacher are pitched at school settings
4. digitising vhs
5. games – geography thru wild web woods anatomy
6. save time
7. Legal risks social networking sites
8. free fiction excerpts
9. The Demon’s Surrender by Sarah Rees Brennan Chapter One Quotes
Read chapter one and more and more and
“Don’t tell me it’s Nick Ryves.” Mama wrinkled her nose. “That boy’s creepy. I’m saying this as someone personally acquainted with fifteen necromancers.”

“I know. Being so boring and yet so irritating at once, that’s a gift.”

I guess,” the guy said, his eyes travelling over Sin’s bright clothes and gleaming skin. “You’re one of the attractions?”
“I’m the star attraction,” Sin murmured. “Follow the music when it starts, and you’ll see me dance.”
The man took a step towards her and she felt a flash of triumph. She had him, like a fish on a line.
“What are you doing right now?” he asked.
“She’s busy being underage,” said the most annoying voice in the world.

Nice boys were such a pain.

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