23 Apr

1. Why do we resist? – any act that rejects immediate gratification in favor of long-term growth, health, or integrity.
2. How Web-based Tools Change Teaching and Learning
3. is Apple watching you?
4. Video games as learning tools.
5. 53 Interesting Ways & Tips to use an iPad in the Classroom
6. virtual field trip solar system
7. digital literacy
8. SlideSE-book Readers & Managers – Best of hare presentation : Bury it or Scrub it? Facebook at Graduation
9. E-book Readers & Managers – Best of
10. what are libraries for
12. The evolving role of the school library and information centre in education in digital Europe.
13. COFA Number 9 on bestseller list review
14. Writing relaunched : teaching with digital tools
15. cybersafety ten tips and bullying is everybody’s business
16. 76% of US ebook market composed of professional books –
17. BCC Library site for high school students
18. kindle lending how it works
19. red glove chapter 1
20. Studies Find ‘Easy’ Material May Not Be Easy to Learn

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