Library of the Living Dead

03 Apr

1. Using the Living Dead To Teach Information Literacy and
2. Meet Maureen
3. Mowing Down Content Farms …Often, when I am researching a topic, I find a number of articles from content farms on the first page of search results. Fortunately, we now have a couple of ways to avoid encountering content farm manure. First, consider using Google’s Domain Blocker. It’s still in development, so some features are still changing. First, you need to be signed in to Google and using the site. In the search results page, if you click on a link and then use the browser BACK button you’ll see a new option for that hit: Block all [domain name] results. If you don’t like what you saw on that page and don’t want that site to show up in any other future search results, click that link. You can also manually block any unwanted domains by going to Another option is to search using, a search engine that features filters (called slash tags) that let you limit your search result. You can create your own filters and you can use the public ones (see for the list). Blekko has removed from its index all content from 20 content farms. adapted from, used with permission from Web Search Pacific, .
4. School library management
5. Earth Science sites
6. Latest episode of The Edtech Crew podcast debates the devices:
7. non-fiction materials on a variety of topics.
8. Japan eathquake
9. collaborative schooling
10. history game
11. Why do data differently?
12. gaming How to teach with Minecraft in an hour:
13. Great picture book teaching resource
14. Avoid Facebook | Social Network Awareness Community
15. Risk Management Tips for Using youTube
16. Divine Design: How to create the 21st-century school library of your dreams
17. Fraction Game
18. Weekly subject resources

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