29 Mar

1. Countdown to City of Fallen Angels and first chapter Red Glove
2. Digital citizenship
3. Note taking
4. Plagiarism
5. A plethora of writing sites to support writing in your classroom.
6. Web 2.0
7. Doctors warn about facebook and teen depression
8. free animated tutorials designed to teach lessons on web research strategies.
9. Friending 101 for Schools New Facebook Questions – Everything You Need To Know
10. ‘The Pitfalls and Promises of Social Media and Kids
11. “Sexting: it’s an electronic hickey ” NYTimes: A Girl’s Nude Photo, and Altered Lives
12. Letterman – Top 10 reasons to buy an iPad
13. personalized learning, check out Making Connections
14. Student Book Reviews Encourage Reading
15. website/resource list typewithme
16. Loads of graphic organizers and literacy strategies tools to support comprehension.
17. interactive games topo map one
18. Teacher Librarians Rule! on PhotoPeach – Fresh slideshows to go!
19. Interview with OverDrive CEO Steve Potash – 4mins
20. Easy Peasy Attribution AND Creative Commons!
21. Copyright and

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