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27 Mar

1. Library Week ALIA 23 – 29 May 2011
2. Inbox Pride and Prejudice
3. authors for school visits
5. google search stories
6. web 2.0 tools
7. cyber safety summit
8. cybersafety
9. technology – different countries
10. writing activities and
11. Library links
12. Australia long term unemployed
13. Sample google search on Fitness and Exercise. We are suggesting students start with two questions relevant to the topic, 2 supporting content related searches, four- six vocabulary words related to the topic, and a final inspirational slogan – template
14. slasa citation tool
15. Library blogs!/tigslibrary

16. Here’s a very simple, 8-step model developed by John Kotter from Harvard Business School to facilitate change that is characterised by buy-in, success and sustained over time
17. Wakakirri Story-Writing Word limit: 500 words Due date: 5th of August, 2011 Theme/Topic: Write a story with a positive message. You can also elect to incorporate our festival signature item ‘BUG’. Register the school’s interest via our online entry form Number of entries: 4 per school. Some schools run writing competitions within class and vote for their favourites to send in. Prizes: Fantastic book prizes from Allen & Unwin; Publication in the annual anthology; and $1000 for the 1st place winners. All students get certificates and feedback. Judges: 2011 Story-Writing judges are Andy Griffiths & Jackie French. Free to enter – open to ALL primary schools in Australia . There are online resources to assist teachers and students. Your school can also enter our film, art and song writing competitions.
18. Digital stories – Go to grown-up story. It’s called “The Killer”. Inanimate Alice, which can be used with students from about grade 5 up to senior secondary.
– Childhood in Richmond (poetry, images, animation, set in the Melbourne suburb).
– The amazing Peter Kuper graphic novel version of Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis
– The Vas(a)lisa Project which take some exploration and time to unravel
Then if you want to investigate further, you can go to the Electronic Literature Directory and register yourself (for free), where you will find all sorts of texts that are “born-digital”. This isn’t aimed at schools so make sure you check out your choices thoroughly before playing them for/with your classes. Go to

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