Because It Is Bitter

27 Mar

1. City of Ashes -new scene by Cassandra Clare from Jace’s point of view
2. Excellent Bloom’s/Google chart
3. Model School Libraries at CSLA Southern Section workshop
4. Flashcard for To Kill A Mockingbird vocab
5. The Merchant of Venice
6. You Can’t Just Google It.
7. My little Science wiki
8. How to print text messages
9. Libraries, eBooks and Their Collections!
10. Facebook interaction visualization
11. How To Properly Provide Credit For Images
12. rethink – rebuild – rebrand: think iCentre
13. Motions of the Sun Simulator
14. Why I won’t be turning off any lights for Earth Hour
15. A Successful Self-Publishing Author Decides to Try theTraditional Route lote french
16. Libguides Paris – Buffy Hamilton
17. Teachers Can Double Their Salary With Nifty Startup
18. “A brief history of time zones” Nice BBC interactive
19. “This screencast describes how you may easily fix shaky videos with YouTube.
20. how to record a virtual tour and manoeuvre the camera in Google Earth.
21. creative commons

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