Seeking exemptions

17 Mar

1. Copyright and are two places to go and find yourself a nice exemption.
2. 5-Photo Storytelling (via HistoryTech)
3. Eight free Windows 7 tools you gotta try
4. Librarians Share: Lindenwood University engages students with audiobook promotion
5. How Amazon did page numbers for the Kindle –
6. Safari Books Online 6.0: A Cloud Library as an alternate model for ebooks – O’Reilly Radar:
7. teaching My First eReader Class
8. New discussion features in Google Docs
9. Roxanne crunched some interesting data about our Kindle eBook collection: We have 133 titles … 81 are par… (cont)
10. Digital Footprint? How About A Digital Tattoo:
11. Group Reflections on 9th Grade Research: Presearching, Formative Assessment, Research Guides, and…
12. Worldometers: world statistics updated in real time Real Time Statistics Project
14. series and sequels
15. 5-Photo Storytelling (via HistoryTech)
16. free music scores
17. Group Reflections on 9th Grade Research
18. digital tattoo
19. time for libraries is now
20. giant qr codes in the library

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