teachers’ lavish lifestyles

14 Mar

1. Funny/sad/mad clip on US and teachers Jon Stewart
2. The Dunning–Kruger Effect
3. Japan – amazing before and after shots The force of Japan’s quake was so strong it sped up the Earth’s rotation by 1.6 microseconds, NASA says:
4. A REAL GEM! My Imaginary City- create scenes & places
5. How the quake shifted Japan:
6. provides an easy way to find, access and reuse public datasets from the Australian Government and state and territory governments.
7. Soon Google lets you hide certain sites from results — no extension required.
8. Love documentaries Check it out
9. Twitter in the Classroom and Twitter Posters
10. Turn your blog into a pdf book with Blog Booker
11. Making your own QR code is very easy and free
12. Memolane Creates an Automatic Scrapbook of Your Social Media Activity
13. How to make Wordle safe for classroom use:
14. twitter in the classroom and posters
15. Knowledge 2.0
16. tl success stories
17. library wiki
18. games and simulations and

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