Techno resistant

08 Mar

1. Will “they” cost me my job?
2. Humour Re Charlie Sheen
3. Let LIT be – Mike Eisenberg NCCE 2011 content NCCE 2011 Mike Eisenberg, via Joyce Valenza
4. Self publishing from Amanda Hocking
5. vocab genii
6. ” Mike Moore – America is not broke” and
7. How To Do 11 Techy Things in the New School Year
8. digital displays go to school
9. what your teacher librarian can do for you” video project – in the Uploads section (RH side) click on the See All link). – click on the ‘Lots of Libraries’
10. Top 100 Learning Game Resources | Upside Learning Blog
11. National Geographic Tools for Adventure
12. Google Clamps Down on Content Factories
13. 9 Ways We Help Educators Teach Students How to Use the Web
14. Collaborative annotation of images online | SpeakingImage
15. Lovely Harry Potter infographic!
16. What do I do anyway? Check out the link to charts at the bottom, a day in life tl
17. Persuasive Writing: Creating Book Reviews
18. Voices from the Learning Revolution”
19. Mobile Information Literacy & Mobile Trends
20. 11 Good Digital Storytelling Resources
21. Stripgenerator

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