A Match Made in High School

06 Mar

1. Great mixpod of songs from the book to listen to while you read A Match Made in High School
Google have a sort of competition to showcase some of their more innovative uses of their technology. It’s called the Google Slam and it’s arranged on a competitive basis.The two current “champions” are at see the demonstrations organised by the underlying technologies at and all the demonstrations at
2. Literacy Lava 8, a free e-zine with literacy, writing and reading activities for kids and parents is out now from The Book Chook
3. ebooks advice
4. Research skills
5. Designing libraries
6. Sue’s presentation called ‘Get out of the library’ embedded in Caroline Roche’s site check out some of the ‘A day in the life of …’ responses
7. Animoto for book promotion
8. Google new tricks
9. QR codes – PC/webcam QRcode reader here works well with webcam to launch websites with QR codes- PC based solution, as most kids (grades k-5) don’t carry cell phones at school, set up an older PC as a “QR station” so kids can view book trailers, also visit cool author websites, or to trigger bibliographies of suggested books in our library for various genre; grade levels.
10. Library Value Calculator — see–that – see — there are instructions available on how to customize the calculator, at
11. Unshelved online comics, clever and relevant Friday Bookclub strip!
12. This 26-Year-Old Is Making Millions Cutting Out Traditional Publishers With Amazon Kindle, Read more:
13. Site for blogging
14. Video overview The 2011 Horizon Report
15. Blabberize
16. App for citation
17. Amazon Forces Kindle Lending Club to Rebrand – Now
18. What do you know about Photos Stored on Facebook…02.14.11
19. Library facebook
20. (free) schematic of classical christian education at:
21. growth of digital content.
22. Facebook Page Template (Notebook) and Fake Tweet Builder
23. How does your life compare to these Aussie kids?
24. How to Create Great Screencasts:
25. What Borders’s Bankruptcy Means for Australia, and Paper Books –
26. Are Students Intentionally Plagiarising?
27. library ideas
28. A mini-change in blogging for maximum effect
29. create the virtual you
30. “Egypt is free” newspaper covers from around the world
31. Education conferences

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