27 Feb

This Library E-Book Will Self-Destruct After 26 Check Outs
Digital harassment
Too sexy for kids
Not your grandmother’s library
Dead Teens, Space Travel the Next Big Things in YA Literature
Maine one to one
browse a topic across world news media, you might try Google’s FastFlip
library game – order
a brilliant human biology and anatomy tool –
Why sweetsearch is better for students than bing or google and and
Web evaluation
The Google word document can be downloaded from:
Favorite “unreliable” site “facts about beluga whales” site: great site for demonstrating proper search technique: if you enter “facts about beluga whales” in the google search box, the way some kids do when they’re filling out a worksheet for a project, the number one return is this fake website. And it even has the word
“encyclopedia” in the URL…If you do a google search on “octopus” you will come up with the second hit as ‘Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus”, A fictitious website.
Searching webquest
Future of the book

Create a newspaper

Cloning sites to make fakes is easy – example from July, 2010: Hackers clone French Foreign Ministry website
“France yesterday suffered what might be called a bad web day. A pirate internet site, looking for all the world like the official Foreign Ministry site, began bombarding the world with bogus declarations and announcements.” In this case, along with the cloned site, the creators went even further and offered up official looking but fake video.
URL for the fake site (now offline) and the real site
Cloned web sites are often used by scammers to trick users into sharing personal info. Also note, highjacked web site definition.

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