The Demon’s Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan pp308 to end Favourite quotes

20 Feb

“You know what,” Jamie said in a hollow voice, descending the stairs. “I will never drink again. I’m only seeing in black and white. My arms feel all floppy, like flightless wings. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I looked like a very sad penguin.” p308

“Ready?” Jamie echoed. “Yes, yes, I am ready. I am ready to drink a lot of liquids and lie on the sofa moaning faintly all day long. That is what I am ready for. I cannot engage in physical activity of any sort or my head will fall right off. Is that what you want, Nick? Because if so, I find that hurtful.” p309

Mae had shoved that thought into a box in her mind and slammed the lid on it by the time they were there. p312

The sun was so hot that even Alan had abandoned his usual button-up shirts and was wearing a T-shirt, which made it obvious his shoulders and arms were strong and muscled in a way that did not exactly suggest a mild-mannered bookshop employee. p314

“Oh look, moody stares from across the playground,” Jamie said. “How I’ve missed those. Like getting your daily hate injection.” p350

He’d created the demon who could do that, who had brought human hearts to lay at his feet like a cat bringing its owner dead mice. p355

“Two sixteen year-olds leading an army is good news?” Sin asked.
“Think about it this way,” said Mae. “Joan of Arc was fourteen. Compared to her, we’re kind of underachievers. Plus, I’m seventeen.”
“Oh, in that case we’d better get on this before you’re over the hill.” p356

‘We had a thing,’ said Jamie absently, sounding as if he was not even listening to himself. “One of those things that end badly, where they never call, and also they mark you for death.” p364

There was a very good possibility that Nick had told Alan about her plan, and they were both on her side now.
She might want to check before she bet people’s lives on it though. p385

“Bow and arrow’s better than any throwing dagger. You can pick off magicians at your leisure.”
“Can you shoot a bow?’ Mae enquired, curious and a little thrilled at the notion.
“Yeah,” said Sin. “But I like my knives better. I’m not much for leisure.” p386

“Get away from my son,” she snapped to Gerald’s unconscious body, and stepped over him without faltering for an instant in her mile-high heels. p395

“I don’t trust men everybody likes,” Annabel said in a dark voice. “Being nice isn’t the same as being good.” p400

“You are at my mercy and you know how much I have of that.” p404

“Surprise zombies,” Jamie said faintly. “Fantastic.” p411

“How was your summer?” Jamie asked nobody in particular. “Well, I was eaten by insects from hell, and it was all downhill from there.” p411

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