“The Demon’s Covenant” by Sarah Rees Brennan Favourite quotes pp150-308

19 Feb

“…He’s not the kind of guy who makes a girl’s heart start racing. I’d be surprised if he could urge anyone’s heart past a gentle jog.” p159

She laughed again, and Mae reminded herself that Sin was walking a bright, fragile bridge over the cold horror of what had happened to her mother. p159

“You always say you want to talk,” Alan said, walking out of the shadows of the hills with a new throwing knife already in hand. “And then you attack people. It doesn’t make me feel very chatty.” p170

“And a knife won’t stop me”…
“How many knives will? Because we have a selection.”p171

…”All I want is to remove a nuisance from my life.”
“And all I want is to remove some of your important appendages,” Sin panted.” Is that wrong?” p173

“So why didn’t you run after him?”…
“And how do you suggest I do that?”…
“Don’t worry, Cynthia,” said Alan, looking down at her. ‘I take it as a compliment, really. It’s the first time you’ve ever forgotten for a moment about my leg.”
He didn’t sound as if he was taking it as a compliment. He sounded tired and bitter. p175

“We don’t hate each other,” he said. “We’re just too different. If the Goblin Market was one of the American high schools you see in the movies, she’d be the head cheerleader and I’d be captain of the chess club.” p176

“There was morning mist obscuring the fields on either side of the road, so dense and white it looked like there were mutant sheep lurking on all sides.”
It was possible she was overtired. p177

‘I’d rather be amazing than beautiful.’
“I think you are, ‘Alan began, a warm flush spreading along the tops of his cheekbones, and Mae was struck and saddened all at once by how different he was now than he had been with Liannan.
She had to wonder whether it was just that he had a crush on her, or if he was simply more comfortable with demons. p178

“…Next time someone else is holding the baby.”…
“You did look a little… As if someone had given you a sack of potatoes that might explode.”…
“You had the easy job; All you had to do was throw knives and menace a magician.”p178

…”Well we might have annoyed him a bit”
“I imagine so,” Mae said dryly. “Since you stabbed him twice.” p179

“…So you took me somewhere that you didn’t really want to go and you knew you wouldn’t enjoy, and you had a terrible time. You know that’s a lot of guy’s definition of a date.” …
“My definition of a date includes the girl agreeing to go on one with me,” he said. “Don’t worry about it, Mae.’ …
“Aside from that small detail,; Mae told him slowly, “I think it was a pretty good date. You definitely deserve a kiss on the doorstep or you know. Wherever.”
She said the words on an impulse born of fever fruit and sympathy, and then she was panicking. It wasn’t that she had an objection to kissing Alan, but she wanted to be fair. She didn’t know if this was fair.” p185

“Do you ever think about something you’ve done or said, and want to curl up and hide/”…
“Humans do, ” said Mae, sitting down on the bed herself. “You should try to avoid embarrassing us, or we might kick your ass.” p191

“…I don’t mind as much when – when people touch me. Some people.”
‘Because you trust them not to hurt you?” Mae asked tentatively.
“No,” Nick said, his voice harsh. “Because I’d let them hurt me.” p193

“What human emotion am I meant to be expressing here?”
“…Platonic affection”
“Oh, really.”
“Actually, I’m faking it,” Mae told him. “I hope it’s good for you. Your first time should be perfect.”p193
…”Another human reason to hold hands.”Nick said, his voice distant. “Crossing the street. See? This isn’t my first time” p199

“..Don’t talk about yourself in the third person. It makes you sound like a serial killer.” p200

“How human can a demon be?” p210

“Being human,” Liannan murmured. “And what is that? Being attached beyond all reason, being too easily hurt?” p210

“Oh and I’m, such a great student.”
“No, you kind of suck,” Mae said. “But luckily, I’m your teacher, and I am awesome on so many levels.” p217

“You have the worst taste in men in the world. But I love you too.” p218

“She wondered how many small, unnoticed kindnesses Alan went around doing for strangers, because he was naturally kind or because he wanted to be, because he felt he had to pay the world back for keeping a demon in it and he knew he could never pay enough.” p230

“Like pity,” Mae said, “but warmer.” p253

“Naturally I’d love to be watched and controlled, but I think I may be washing my hair that day.” p264

“Yes,” Annabel said, her voice distant because she was obviously trying to place herself in an alternate universe, one where her son did not entertain knife-wielding delinquents in his bedroom. p271

“I cook better than you,” Nick corrected absently. “I think monkeys can probably be taught to cook better than you.” p273

“And what are your interests and hobbies, Nicholas?” Annabel asked faintly, sounding like a cross between a television interviewer and a hostage.p274

Mae’s consciousness began to expand from its state of narrow focus on the knife. She became aware of morning light filtering in around the heavy curtains, the shapes of Jamie’s bed and wardrobe, and the fact that Nick was lying on top of her with hardly any clothes on. p278

“I was in a Spanish convent when the sound of the maracas by my window made me jump out to join the dancers,” Mae said. “Landed in the sister’s cabbage patch already running. Never looked back.” p289

He gazed soulfully in Nick’s direction. “Sometimes when you are not being psychotic, you are quite funny. And you!” He regarded Seb for a long moment. “No, I still don’t like you,” he decided. “Maybe, I need another drink.”
“I don’t think so,” Nick said. p294

“Don’t be sad, Mae,” Jamie said. “This will be good training for when we are ninjas.” p295

“Entertained, are we? Go ahead, laugh at my pain. I see how it is. I am your enterpainment.” p295

“Oh God” Mae,” Jamie said in a hollow voice, descending the stairs.” I will never drink again. I’m only seeing in black and white. My arms feel floppy, like flightless wings. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I looked like a very sad penguin.” p308

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